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Since 2012, MWM has been designing disruptive music apps and groundbreaking audio hardware products. Thriving for innovative solutions everyday, we intend to make music creation accessible to anyone while constantly expanding our ecosystem of products.

« MWM is the world’s number 1 mobile music app publisher registering more than 350 million downloads across 182 countries ».

Within the first 3 years, MWM has developed several apps covering popular music segments like Production, Gaming or Learning. In 2015, the company decided to go further and took up a new challenge: extending the use of its applications by developing musical hardware. This is how Mixfader was born, the world’s first wireless crossfader allowing DJs to scratch on the go with the lightest equipment ever conceived. The outstanding success of Mixfader led us to build close relationships with the most famous worldwide DJ champions. They helped us identify a recurring issue we decided to solve with our latest product Phase, the most awaited device of the DJ community this year that has already marked a new milestone in the industry of djing.

MWM stands out for its international visibility and influence as 97% of our customers are based outside France. Our top-rated products are approved by a large number of international music addicts who eagerly await our presence at the most famous Tech and Audio events every year, such as NAMM or SXSW. In addition to our excellent BtoC relations, we are also renowned by the key actors of the Tech and Music sector, including Google, Apple and DJ Jazzy Jeff. We embrace workplace diversity by employing people from different backgrounds and origins. Together, we build a great team of 50 employees which keeps on growing very quickly!




2 DJ hardware products




182 countries


#1 Music App Publisher worldwide

2012 edjing-app

At only 23 years of age, Jean-Baptiste Hironde created his own startup and took up a crazy challenge: making music creation accessible to everyone by conceiving highly innovative solutions. With the help of his best friend Nicolas Dupré, he launched edjing Mix in 2012, a DJ app that enables anyone to mix with a smartphone or tablet. Today, edjing Mix is the most downloaded DJ app in the world and registers more than 80 millions downloads.

2014 audio-technologie

This first success pushed the young CEO to go further. Guided by the desire to build up his own musical ecosystem, he decided to reuse the audio technology previously developed for edjing Mix to multiply MWM’s product range from DJ production to utilitarian apps. From that moment on, MWM turned from a simple app developer into one of the most powerful music app editors in the world.

2015 mixfader-product

Determined to constantly provide music lovers while using the best digital technologies, MWM started extending the user experience by developing DJ hardware products. The company launched Mixfader, the world’s first connected crossfader which was at the origin of a new DJ movement called Portablism. Mixfader is currently available in 14 countries.

2017 mwm-logo

MWM reached the symbolic threshold of 100 million downloads and ranked 5th among the world’s largest music app publishers in the App Annie Index. In June 2017, MWM (ex DJiT) changed its name, embodying its ambition of becoming a major actor of the music industry by continuously expanding its app ecosystem.

2018 mwm-hardware

MWM announced the release of its second hardware product, Phase. It is the first device that enables DJs to mix on vinyl turntable while keeping the same level of stability and comfort as a digital controller. With the launch of this product, the company intends to revolutionize the market of turntablism which has remained static for the last 20 years. Phase has received excellent feedback and support among the most famous DJs in the world, including Jazzy Jeff, DJ Snake or the C2C. They are deeply convinced that Phase will change their mixing habits for ever.

2019 mwm-team

With more than 350 million downloads, MWM is gradually becoming the world’s #1 music app publisher. To continue this exponential growth, we need you! Come join us to build groundbreaking music apps and innovative DJ hardware. Find all our jobs offers here.